Candyflip Half Shirt


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The CandyFlip Half Shirt is effortlessly cool and casual featuring an anti-fit cut. Handcrafted in pure Linen with a Cuban collar, it makes for a trusty wardrobe staple, that you find yourself going back to over and over again.

FIT and Shape


Material Description

A unisex shirt, crafted in pure linen, raises the frequency of the wearer with a relaxed, Cuban collar and free-falling fit.

Care instructions

Hand-wash only. This delicate approad ensures the piece remains as elegant as ever.

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Designed to Feel

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Collection Inspiration

Simple, elevated essentials.

Choice of Colours used to feel

Whimsical    Playful

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Eccentric   Nostalgic

Values embodied by the collection

Reinventing and thus keeping traditional practices/crafts alive via design

Quality materials and techniques used in order to prolong wear

Locally sourced raw materials and locally produced

Reviving traditional skills/practices via artisan clusters


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