Concious Sleep & Restorative Gift Set


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This thoughtfully conscious and restorative gift set is designed to enhance sleep quality and to promote overall holistic wellness. This gift set includes, the Soma Dropper along with the Visranti Eye Pillow. The Soma Dropper is designed to help the brain sink into a state of rest and repose by gently winding down the body. It is crafted using Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Neroli. Soma can be conveniently carried around and be used on the pulse points as necessary, as well within a diffuser. Viśrantī is designed to help induce sleep and to transport you to transcendental states of relaxation by calming the parasympathetic nervous system. The weighted property of the pillow soothes the upper head regions and alleviates screen fatigue, headaches and stress. The pillow can be heated or cooled, each offering a plethora of benefits. The Viśrantī eye pillow can be used while meditating and whenever you need rest. Simply close your eyes and feel the weight of the pillow instantly calm you, let the gentle aroma of Lavender melt away all of your stress.

Material Description

Soma Dropper- Lavender, Neroli & Ylang ylang essential oils 100% Visranti Eye Pillow- Organic Cotton, Flaxseed and Lavender Buds

Additional Notes

For warm therapy – Microwave the Viśrantī eye pillow for 10-15 seconds. Compressed warmth for the eyes has been proven to relieve discomfort, open up sinuses and promote deep sleep. For cold therapy – Place the Viśrantī eye pillow in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to create a cooling and soothing sensation on the eyes which helps in constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation. Cool compress reduces screen fatigue & puffiness around the eyes too. Soma can be conveniently carried around and be used on pulse points as necessary.

Care instructions

Please note, the conscious oil blends are created to be used externally and not meant to be ingested. The Visranti Eye Pillow comes with a pouch and an outer cover, which is removable and can be safely washed. However, while heating or cooling the eye pillow, please ensure the water or heat does not get into the inner layers.

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Designed to Feel

Collection Inspiration

Rituals & routines have been a very important aspect of self care, grounding & intention setting throughout history. In every ancient culture, different rituals and practices have always ensured the health & mental well being of the community. Our inspiration comes from these time tested traditions and tools that help us feel more connected to our inner self.

Values embodied by the collection

Reinventing and thus keeping traditional practices/ crafts alive via design

Vegan/ cruelty free


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