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Say hello to Stasis – An all-metal neckpiece, handcrafted with meticulous craftsmanship, along with a design language that fuses geometric precision with timeless elegance. This beauty features a gracefully curving, long U-shaped metal band that envelops the neck, while a sleek metal plate, completing the loop, all of which is held in place by a pair of gracefully designed metal spoke. What sets this beauty apart is its adaptability – you can creatively interconfigure the conical metal spokes with other jewelry components from the brand, allowing for endless possibilities and creative expressions.

FIT and Shape


Material Description

305 Grade SS & Brass with 24 karat Gold Plating & Coated with tarnish resistant top coat.

Care instructions

Keep away from moisture and air exposure. Store in airtight packaging to maintain plating quality. Avoid scratches by placing on a smooth surface and ensuring adequate protection.

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While these are notes from the creator to help form an emotional connection with your buy, we realise every expression is deeply personal & individualistic.



Designed to Feel

Collection Name

Aeon Sojourn

Collection Inspiration

Through this collection, we envision a world where time travel becomes a reality—an ode to human curiosity and our insatiable quest for knowledge. Each piece, whether a band of metal or a delicate ring, serves as a portal to new experiences, parallel realms, and alternate timelines, opening doors to boundless possibilities.

Values embodied by the collection

Designed to be trans-seasonal, classic and versatile

Quality materials and techniques used in order to prolong wear


The following options offered by the brand form a part of our intention to be circular and add more years to the life of your conscious new purchase.







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