Śaraṇam Scented Soy Candle | Nag Champa


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A conscious and sustainable 100% Soy wax candle, free of Phthalates and Parabens, handcrafted with love using Sandalwood and Frangipani flowers. The cleansing qualities of Nag champa is known to clear out stagnant energy & makes room for new beginnings. Fragrance profile includes: Top Notes- Musk, Tonka, Patchouli and Vanilla Heart Notes- Nag Champa, Honey Base Notes- Rose, Geranium and Orange Blossom

Material Description

100% Soy wax. Wooden Wick. Phthataes, paraben and cruelty free. Handcrafted with love using essential oils of Sandalwood and Frangipani flowers.


Net weight: 220 gm
Burn time: 40-50 hrs

Additional Notes

The paraben, phthalates and cruelty free ingredient list makes it a thoughtful present,especifically for someone who is sensitive or a space with kids and pets.

Return Policy

This is a “made to order” brand and as part of slow production practices does not accept returns or exchanges.

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3-4 days

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While these are notes from the creator to help form an emotional connection with your buy, we realise every expression is deeply personal & individualistic.



Designed to Feel

Collection Inspiration

Rituals & routines have been a very important aspect of self care, grounding & intention setting throughout history. In every ancient culture, different rituals and practices have always ensured the health & mental well being of the community. Our inspiration comes from these time tested traditions and tools that help us feel more connected to our inner self.

Values embodied by the collection

Reinventing and thus keeping traditional practices/ crafts alive via design

Vegan/ cruelty free


The following options offered by the brand form a part of our intention to be circular and add more years to the life of your conscious new purchase.


No- not chargeable





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