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The Ursala Underbust Corset is edgy and sultry. It is crafted using faux Leather and comes lined with a 100% Cotton. It also features Stainless Steel Busk buttons along with Steel and Acrylic boning. Its curvy boning structure helps bring out and exaggerate the hourglass shape. All of the Corsets are painstakingly, lovingly and exclusively customised and hand crafted to your specific measurements, height and body type.

Material Description

Faux leather, 100% Cotton lining. Stainless Steel busk buttons, Steel/Acrylic boning.

Fit/ shape

Hourglass effect. Cinched waist





Additional Notes

Since every single corset is customised specifically to your body measurements, it is important to ensure the measurements taken are accurate, natural and without clothing. Please, ensure the measurements include the following and that you refrain from sizing up or sizing down while taking these measurements. 1) The smallest part of the waist- midriff 2) The biggest part of the hips 3) The fullest part of the bust
For underbust corsets there are two available lengths depending on one’s height:
1) 12 inches- recommended for short to medium torsos, upto 5 feet 4 inches. Please note, all underbust corsets are made in this length unless specified otherwise.
2) 13.5 inches
In order to determine your length, please hold the measuring tape vertically from the middle of the underbust till the lower belly where you would like the corset to end.
In case the bust, midriff, and hip measurements do not fall under any of the sizes provided on the sizing chart or if it falls between two sizes, please reach out to us and clarify your sizing queries before you go ahead and confirm the order. All of the final measurements may be left in the “additional notes” section found on our checkout page.

Care instructions

Dry Clean Only

Return Policy

This is a made to order brand and as part of slow production practices does not accept returns or exchanges but allows for minor alterations.

Ships in

10-12 Days

For custom sizing, please select Custom from the drop down menu below and leave us your detailed measurements in the additional notes section at the time of check out.

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We support conscious production, therefore the return policies and delivery timelines are unique to individual brands. Please, ensure you familiarize yourself with them before confirming your order. Should you need any further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.

While these are notes from the creator to help form an emotional connection with your buy, we realise every expression is deeply personal & individualistic.



Designed to Feel

Collection Name

Underbust Corsets/Waist Trainers

Choice of Colours used to feel

Strong   Mysterious

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Luxurious   Sensual

Values embodied by the collection

Designed to be trans-seasonal, classic and versatile

Quality materials and techniques used in order to prolong wear Vegan/cruelty free


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